Lawrence Starkman on Hunting in Illinois

Lawrence Starkman is a skilled hunter who enjoys getting out in nature to gain an intimate knowledge of his prey. Whether it is by a shotgun, rifle or bow, he is capable of catching a variety of game in a matter that is humane and valid. He may enjoy the sport of hunting, but at the end of the day it’s more about filling his freezer with food. Below, he shares some basic information on the game that is available in Illinois, and what is favorite catches are.


Illinois has a large deer population, with whitetails occupying most of the state’s deep forests. Bucks are also fairly common for those lucky enough to bag one and fulfill their meat needs for the winter with just one kill. Deer are one of Lawrence Starkman’s favorite animals to hunt because it maximizes his time in the woods.


Turkeys and turkey hunting have a fascinating history in the state of Illinois. At one point early settlers had cleared all the turkey in the state, leaving none for hunting or breeding up until the last century, where populations were reintroduced into habitats and hunting seasons for them reopened.


While drainage has threatened many of Illinois’ wetlands over past years, there are still some areas that are wet and rich with waterfowl. Lawrence Starkman enjoys a nice day in his boots out in the wetlands, with a shotgun loaded with birdshot and a dog for retrieving. Waterfowl hunting in Illinois is one of the most popular forms of hunting.