Lawrence Starkman: Personal Responsibility

Lawrence Starkman says that some of the responsibility for the well being of a community falls on the people who live there, and that each individual can help to make the community both more valuable, and more beautiful. Too often Lawrence has witnessed a good community spiral rapidly out of control due to many factors such as neglect and hardship. Lawrence says that actions as simple as mowing your lawn or raking up the leaves can add value to a property as well as give it a more home like feel. Lawrence says the key to a good community is to take pride in it, and actively participate with one another to improve it as a whole. Lawrence says that in order to achieve this, communication is key. A community or neighborhood is only as effective as the people in it, and these people need to work together to tackle issues within it to better the area. Lawrence says that simply by hosting a monthly meeting for the community people can address their concerns and help prevent or remedy problems and issues that arise.

Lawrence Starkman says that above all, teamwork is the key accessory to the success of a neighborhood and community, and that working together helps keep a location clean, healthy, and safe. Lawrence says that a neighborhood watch is also a great way to increase the value of a community, as safety is always a concern, no matter the location. Not only does this deter crime naturally, it tends to make people gravitate towards one another, as knowing your neighbor becomes a duty of yours, one you feel obligated to fulfill. Lawrence says by each individual taking their share of the responsibility, a community will thrive and prosper, and the value will inevitably go up.