Lawrence Starkman – Hunting Enthusiast

Lawrence Starkman may be a professional real estate executive by trade, but he doesn’t believe that a man’s job is what defines him entirely as to who he is. Lawrence says that having a hobby is vital to a working man’s physical and psychological well being. Everyone needs an escape, a way to purge all of his doubts and to clear their mind for the next day of work. Lawrence chooses to do this by going on hunting trips whenever he gets the chance. Lawrence is a lover of outdoors, he thrives when he is breathing fresh air and feeling the cool breeze and the warm sun on his back. Lawrence says that hunting is not only good exercise, but a great way to get in touch with nature. Lawrence also enjoys the sport of hunting, and believes it helps connect him with his ancestors, who had to hunt to survive. Lawrence says hunting is exciting as well as a great way to keep your mind clear.

Lawrence Starkman doesn’t hunt just for the sport of it however, and believes that when you do kill something, that nothing of it should go to waste. That is why every time Lawrence scores a kill on his prey, he makes sure to gather up every bit, and process each part to make sure that the animal did not die in vain. Lawrence says that this is the biggest crime he sees in hunting, when individuals kill without discrimination, then simply leave the body there to rot. Lawrence believes this is wasteful, and opts instead to make things like deer steak and stew out of the prey that he catches. Lawrence particularly loves deer jerky, as he says it is a very convenient and tasty snack, one he can even take on his next hunt.