Lawrence Starkman – Staying in Shape

Lawrence Starkman knows that upkeep and maintenance aren’t words that solely apply to a property, but also a mind and a body as well. As a real estate professional and executive, Lawrence knows all too well the importance of keeping things in good shape, an idea that he has not ignored about himself as well. Lawrence says that keeping your body in good condition is just as important as a property, and that it needs renovations as much as a building does. To do so Lawrence likes to go for daily morning runs or walks, just so long as the body is in locomotion. Lawrence says that keeping a body healthy allows the mind to be fit as well, as the two are very closely connected. Lawrence says the key to living a happy and balanced life is mostly centered around good diet and exercise, and that everything else will follow in accordance.

Another way Lawrence Starkman chooses to stay in shape is by playing sports and hunting. Lawrence loves to hunt, and says that traversing the rough and marshy terrain in a stealthy manner offers both a physical and mental workout for him, one that keeps him sharp on all levels. Lawrence also plays highly involved sports such as handball, ones that force him to focus on his hand eye coordination and reaction time to stay on top of his game. Lawrence says that the body is simply designed for movement, to stay in motion, and that not doing so, is simply going against the grain of nature.