Lawrence Starkman – Key Partnerships

Lawrence Starkman, a professional and highly regarded real estate agent knows how important it is to establish a strong network of partners in order to find success in any business. Real estate professionals, like Lawrence, spend their days making deals, investing, and finding those “diamonds in the rough.” Lawrence knows that all of this is possible to achieve on his own, but recognizes that two people can achieve it faster.

For any real estate agent that wants to find success and is serious about his career, Lawrence says they will need to eventually work with other agents in the field to achieve the best results in the desired amount of time. Partnering with other agents is something that all agents will have to do at some point during their career, states Lawrence Starkman, giving each agent the chance to make a larger profit from their combined efforts.

Over his many years in the real estate business, Lawrence Starkman has assembled more than one hundred and fifty solid partnerships from around the nation. Lawrence has cultivated and partnered with various investors and real estate professionals and knows his own real estate business is stronger and more successful because of these partnerships.

Lawrence states that working with partners allows all parties involved to branch out and cover more ground and work together toward a common goal, increasing the profits of everyone involved. Lawrence believes that establishing good partnerships and associations with others that are in the same industry are the number one indicator of future success.