Lawrence Starkman – Avid Hunter

Lawrence Starkman believes that a man is more than just a sum of his parts. Along with being a real estate professional, he is an avid hunter. Having a hobby is essential to both the physical and his psychological well being of a man. According to Lawrence, a great way to get rid of any doubts he may be having and prepare for the coming week is to find something that relaxes him. For Lawrence, heading out for a weekend of hunting is the perfect way to escape and rid himself of the stress and worry that comes with everyday life. Lawrence loves the outdoors, and can instantly relax when he takes his first breath of fresh air. Lawrence says that hunting has become a great form of exercise and is the perfect way for him to connect with nature.

Lawrence Starkman sees hunting as not only a sport, but also as a great way to connect him to his ancestors. His belief is that when you make a kill, nothing should be wasted and that is why he always makes sure to gather up every bit of a kill to make sure that the animal’s death wasn’t pointless. The biggest issue Lawrence has with hunting is that many hunters kill without discrimination, leaving the dead animal to rot. For Lawrence, this is a wasteful practice and chooses instead to use his kills to make steak or stew with the meat, and even beef jerky that he can take with him on his next hunting trip.