Lawrence Starkman – Property Investments

Lawrence Starkman is an extremely experience real estate professional that has worked in the Chicago area for decades. One important aspect of the practice of real estate is investing. Many people and companies invest in both residential and commercial properties for a variety of reasons. This can include renting the property out, improving it to sell it for a profit, and more.

Anyone can invest in property given enough resources and good planning. Before investing, it is important to examine your budget and your assets thoroughly to make sure that you have enough money available to invest and that it is financially feasible for you. Many people who have good credit also choose to get a loan to make a property investment.

Then, the next step is to make a plan for a successful investment. It often helps to talk to a professional who specializes in property investment for this step. They can help you set a specific goal for your investment and help you achieve it. You will then need to make a list of potential investments and get them appraised. After you make a final decision about which property to invest in, you can make an offer. This process can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, but in the right circumstances, can be a very smart financial move that could set you up for a lifetime of financial stability. Lawrence Starkman has overseen many property investments throughout his long career in real estate.


Lawrence Starkman – Serving as a Board Chairman

Lawrence Starkman is the chairman of the board of a few different organizations: Sherwin Real Estate, Inc., and Illinois Appraisal Services, Inc. He is also currently a member of the boards for six other organizations. He has worked his way up to these positions through years of hard work and leadership in the real estate field in Chicago. As the chairman of the board, Starkman’s responsibilities can vary widely from day-to-day. He has been involved in many different aspects of the real estate business throughout his career, including appraisal, brokerage, and management, and he brings that experience with him to his work as a board chairman. Starkman showcases considerable leadership skills every day with this job.

Starkman is ultimately responsible for approving all new projects for both companies, and works with the leadership of the company to make important decisions and provide guidance and give advice when necessary. He is also responsible for approving fiscal decisions, such as budgets and investments, and fundraising when necessary. He also networks with potential clients and is a representative of the company.

As the head of the board, Starkman is also responsible for recruiting and appointing new board members as needed. He then organizes board meetings and leads the discussion during meetings. In order to be appointed to any board, real estate professionals should have considerable experience in the field, specifically in leadership positions. Over the years, Starkman has shown considerable expertise in running a board through these positions.

Lawrence Starkman – Technology and Apps for Real Estate

Lawrence Starkman has worked in the field of real estate for his entire career, and has served as both an appraiser and a broker. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Starkman has seen many changes in the way that real estate business is conducted, many of which are influenced by changes in technology during this time period. There are many products, services, and apps that make the process of buying, selling, and renting property much easier and faster for both real estate agents and customers.

  • One of the most influential real estate websites of the last decade has been Zillow. Zillow is a comprehensive website that allows anyone to access approximate property values, home and apartment listings, mortgage calculations, and more quickly and easily. Zillow has a very intuitive and well-designed website, and they also have several different apps for smartphones and tablets. These include the real estate app, the rental app, the mortgage app, and the home design app. Zillow has completely changed the way that consumers find information about properties they are interested in.
  • For realtors, the RPR Mobile app is a must-have. The app allows you to find all available information on any property, including property values, square footage, pictures, and more, instantaneously. Especially for realtors on the go with busy schedules, this app can be a huge time-saver. If a client needs information about a property fast, there’s no need to make a phone call or take to Google – you can just check RPR Mobile.
  • Another great app for real estate agents is Roomscan Pro. This app creates floor plans for you using your phone’s camera. You just hold the phone up to a wall to add it to the floor plan, and then the app takes the measurements for you. You can also manually add the measurements to make them more exact. Then, you can go back into the floor plan and add features such as doors and windows. This is invaluable for real estate professionals that need floor plans for their properties quickly.
  • Homesnap is an app for potential homeowners that allows them to take a picture of any home, anywhere, and find out the approximate value of the home, the square footage and number of rooms, and even information about what’s nearby. Homesnap can also identify homes that have potential as investments, and you can also connect your profile with friends that also use the app to see which homes they are looking at and share potential home profiles.

Lawrence Starkman has seen a huge change in technology for real estate agents throughout his career. Apps like these help make the process of buying and selling property more accessible and less intimidating for everyone.

Lawrence Starkman – Desirable Neighborhoods in the Chicago Area

As a real estate broker, manager, and appraiser based in Chicago, Lawrence Starkman knows the city extremely well, and is very knowledgeable about property values around the city. Chicago is a very large city of over 2.5 million people, and there are many wonderful neighborhoods throughout the city and its surrounding suburbs. Each area has its’ own distinct character and unique landmarks, which have developed over the city’s long and storied history.

The most iconic neighborhood in Chicago is “the Loop”, located between Roosevelt Road and the Chicago River. This neighborhood contains many of Chicago’s most recognizable skyscrapers, including the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). It also is known for its renowned shopping. The neighborhood’s name came from the loop of cable car tracks in the area, and the elevated trains now make a loop around the area.

On the north side, Lincoln Park is one of the city’s most beautiful residential areas. The area is very good for families with children who still want to live in an urban area, as there are many condos and townhouses for sale. There are also many things to do, including the Lincoln Park Zoo and the North Avenue Beach, as well as several music venues and restaurants. The area also has wonderful public schools and is accessible to public transportation.

Another great neighborhood located north of downtown is the Gold Coast. It is well known for its location right on Lake Michigan, as well as its beautiful old mansions and affluent population. The area features acclaimed restaurants and nightlife as well as luxury shopping. The area also contains Oak Street Beach, a popular tourist attraction during the summer. Many people enjoy living in the Gold Coast because of its close proximity to downtown and the Magnificent Mile, another renowned shopping district.

West of downtown, a great up-and-coming neighborhood is Ukrainian Village. As the name suggests, the area was populated by Ukrainian immigrants for much of the twentieth century, and continues to maintain a unique cultural identity. The area is home to many beautiful churches and cathedrals that were constructed during the early- to mid-1900’s. The area attracts many young single professionals and couples because of its’ relatively affordable housing prices. It is also known for being a very friendly and pleasant area to live in.

These are just a few of the many wonderful neighborhoods in the Chicago area that feature great commercial and residential real estate. Chicago is known for being a friendly and welcoming city with neighborhoods for just about anyone, from large and wealthy families to young twenty-somethings and students. Lawrence Starkman loves working in the beautiful city that he has called home for most of his life.