Lawrence Starkman – Serving as a Board Chairman

Lawrence Starkman is the chairman of the board of a few different organizations: Sherwin Real Estate, Inc., and Illinois Appraisal Services, Inc. He is also currently a member of the boards for six other organizations. He has worked his way up to these positions through years of hard work and leadership in the real estate field in Chicago. As the chairman of the board, Starkman’s responsibilities can vary widely from day-to-day. He has been involved in many different aspects of the real estate business throughout his career, including appraisal, brokerage, and management, and he brings that experience with him to his work as a board chairman. Starkman showcases considerable leadership skills every day with this job.

Starkman is ultimately responsible for approving all new projects for both companies, and works with the leadership of the company to make important decisions and provide guidance and give advice when necessary. He is also responsible for approving fiscal decisions, such as budgets and investments, and fundraising when necessary. He also networks with potential clients and is a representative of the company.

As the head of the board, Starkman is also responsible for recruiting and appointing new board members as needed. He then organizes board meetings and leads the discussion during meetings. In order to be appointed to any board, real estate professionals should have considerable experience in the field, specifically in leadership positions. Over the years, Starkman has shown considerable expertise in running a board through these positions.