Lawrence Starkman – Collecting Fine Art: Who Created It?

When deciding if you want to add a piece of art to your collection, many things need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is who created the art? Is their work something you want to invest in? Lawrence Starkman has had to ask himself this question each time he adds a piece to his collection of fine art.

Doing some research about the artist will help you determine if the piece will be a good investment or if the artist’s work won’t stand the test of time and it will not increase in value. Start by doing some digging into the person. When they were born and when they died, if they are no longer living. Where they lived and worked. What galleries, museums, or institutions they had their work featured at. What awards, grants, prizes or honors they received. What other collectors, if any, own their work. What position the artist held, such as professor, lecturer, teacher, writer, resident artist. How many publications they were mentioned in and the credibility of that publication. What organizations the artist belonged to. Where the artist studied and if they studied with anyone of note.

After finding the answers to these questions you will have a better understanding of the artists and if they have accomplishments that will help their career maintain longevity. Remember that art is an investment that can increase over time and doing the research into the person that created it is important. The more significant the person’s reputation and profile, the higher probability the piece will increase in value either as the artist creates more works or after their death as pieces become rarer.

It is also helpful to talk to friends or people you know in the art industry. The more word or mouth an artist receives, the better known the art. This will allow the artist’s work to become more desirable and increase in value. Look to the opinion of art experts as their determination can affect the value more than amateurs in the art scene.

Collecting fine art can be a fun hobby and a great way to invest in your future. Making smart decisions about which pieces to invest in, and in turn which artist to invest in, will help reap the benefits of your investment and result in a bigger payoff in the end. Lawrence Starkman is an avid fine art collector from Evanston, Illinois.


Lawrence Starkman – Avid Hunter

Lawrence Starkman believes that a man is more than just a sum of his parts. Along with being a real estate professional, he is an avid hunter. Having a hobby is essential to both the physical and his psychological well being of a man. According to Lawrence, a great way to get rid of any doubts he may be having and prepare for the coming week is to find something that relaxes him. For Lawrence, heading out for a weekend of hunting is the perfect way to escape and rid himself of the stress and worry that comes with everyday life. Lawrence loves the outdoors, and can instantly relax when he takes his first breath of fresh air. Lawrence says that hunting has become a great form of exercise and is the perfect way for him to connect with nature.

Lawrence Starkman sees hunting as not only a sport, but also as a great way to connect him to his ancestors. His belief is that when you make a kill, nothing should be wasted and that is why he always makes sure to gather up every bit of a kill to make sure that the animal’s death wasn’t pointless. The biggest issue Lawrence has with hunting is that many hunters kill without discrimination, leaving the dead animal to rot. For Lawrence, this is a wasteful practice and chooses instead to use his kills to make steak or stew with the meat, and even beef jerky that he can take with him on his next hunting trip.

Lawrence Starkman – Key Partnerships

Lawrence Starkman, a professional and highly regarded real estate agent knows how important it is to establish a strong network of partners in order to find success in any business. Real estate professionals, like Lawrence, spend their days making deals, investing, and finding those “diamonds in the rough.” Lawrence knows that all of this is possible to achieve on his own, but recognizes that two people can achieve it faster.

For any real estate agent that wants to find success and is serious about his career, Lawrence says they will need to eventually work with other agents in the field to achieve the best results in the desired amount of time. Partnering with other agents is something that all agents will have to do at some point during their career, states Lawrence Starkman, giving each agent the chance to make a larger profit from their combined efforts.

Over his many years in the real estate business, Lawrence Starkman has assembled more than one hundred and fifty solid partnerships from around the nation. Lawrence has cultivated and partnered with various investors and real estate professionals and knows his own real estate business is stronger and more successful because of these partnerships.

Lawrence states that working with partners allows all parties involved to branch out and cover more ground and work together toward a common goal, increasing the profits of everyone involved. Lawrence believes that establishing good partnerships and associations with others that are in the same industry are the number one indicator of future success.

Lawrence Starkman – Staying in Shape

Lawrence Starkman knows that upkeep and maintenance aren’t words that solely apply to a property, but also a mind and a body as well. As a real estate professional and executive, Lawrence knows all too well the importance of keeping things in good shape, an idea that he has not ignored about himself as well. Lawrence says that keeping your body in good condition is just as important as a property, and that it needs renovations as much as a building does. To do so Lawrence likes to go for daily morning runs or walks, just so long as the body is in locomotion. Lawrence says that keeping a body healthy allows the mind to be fit as well, as the two are very closely connected. Lawrence says the key to living a happy and balanced life is mostly centered around good diet and exercise, and that everything else will follow in accordance.

Another way Lawrence Starkman chooses to stay in shape is by playing sports and hunting. Lawrence loves to hunt, and says that traversing the rough and marshy terrain in a stealthy manner offers both a physical and mental workout for him, one that keeps him sharp on all levels. Lawrence also plays highly involved sports such as handball, ones that force him to focus on his hand eye coordination and reaction time to stay on top of his game. Lawrence says that the body is simply designed for movement, to stay in motion, and that not doing so, is simply going against the grain of nature.


Lawrence Starkman – Hunting Enthusiast

Lawrence Starkman may be a professional real estate executive by trade, but he doesn’t believe that a man’s job is what defines him entirely as to who he is. Lawrence says that having a hobby is vital to a working man’s physical and psychological well being. Everyone needs an escape, a way to purge all of his doubts and to clear their mind for the next day of work. Lawrence chooses to do this by going on hunting trips whenever he gets the chance. Lawrence is a lover of outdoors, he thrives when he is breathing fresh air and feeling the cool breeze and the warm sun on his back. Lawrence says that hunting is not only good exercise, but a great way to get in touch with nature. Lawrence also enjoys the sport of hunting, and believes it helps connect him with his ancestors, who had to hunt to survive. Lawrence says hunting is exciting as well as a great way to keep your mind clear.

Lawrence Starkman doesn’t hunt just for the sport of it however, and believes that when you do kill something, that nothing of it should go to waste. That is why every time Lawrence scores a kill on his prey, he makes sure to gather up every bit, and process each part to make sure that the animal did not die in vain. Lawrence says that this is the biggest crime he sees in hunting, when individuals kill without discrimination, then simply leave the body there to rot. Lawrence believes this is wasteful, and opts instead to make things like deer steak and stew out of the prey that he catches. Lawrence particularly loves deer jerky, as he says it is a very convenient and tasty snack, one he can even take on his next hunt.

Lawrence Starkman: Personal Responsibility

Lawrence Starkman says that some of the responsibility for the well being of a community falls on the people who live there, and that each individual can help to make the community both more valuable, and more beautiful. Too often Lawrence has witnessed a good community spiral rapidly out of control due to many factors such as neglect and hardship. Lawrence says that actions as simple as mowing your lawn or raking up the leaves can add value to a property as well as give it a more home like feel. Lawrence says the key to a good community is to take pride in it, and actively participate with one another to improve it as a whole. Lawrence says that in order to achieve this, communication is key. A community or neighborhood is only as effective as the people in it, and these people need to work together to tackle issues within it to better the area. Lawrence says that simply by hosting a monthly meeting for the community people can address their concerns and help prevent or remedy problems and issues that arise.

Lawrence Starkman says that above all, teamwork is the key accessory to the success of a neighborhood and community, and that working together helps keep a location clean, healthy, and safe. Lawrence says that a neighborhood watch is also a great way to increase the value of a community, as safety is always a concern, no matter the location. Not only does this deter crime naturally, it tends to make people gravitate towards one another, as knowing your neighbor becomes a duty of yours, one you feel obligated to fulfill. Lawrence says by each individual taking their share of the responsibility, a community will thrive and prosper, and the value will inevitably go up.

Lawrence Starkman’s Favorite Artists

Lawrence Starkman is a man who appreciates the creativity and talent of others. He is a big fan of the arts, and often attends exhibits, fairs, auctions and other such events that display the work of local and globally-recognized artists. He is a collector of fine pieces and focuses on the ones that speak to him most. Because of this, he has developed a niche with paintings as his favorite form of art, and has consequentially been able to narrow down his favorite artists of all time, below, he shares his top three and speaks about what they do that connects with him.

Salvador Dali

Known for his eccentric and mind-bending work, the Spanish painter Salvador Dali was a pioneer in the surrealist movement with his bizarre, yet colorful and mind boggling paintings. Lawrence Stark’s most favorite Salvador Dali painting is Les Elephants, a picture of two dramatically tall and bow-legged elephants in a desert landscape.

Pablo Picasso

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in an art class is familiar with Pablo Picasso’s name. Picasso was also a Spaniard, but his style of work was much different from Salvador Dali. Picasso is known for pioneering the Cubits movement, where tiles of color and design are shifted together as part of a larger picture.

Vincent Van Gogh

Perhaps to most famous painter that’s ever lived, and most certainly the most famous post-impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh’s work is among the most referenced of all artists ever. He is most known for Starry Night and The Scream, his two most prized creations.